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Guidelines for MetroWest Basketball Tryouts, Selection and Notification


  1. All teams will have tryouts. The tryouts will be held no later than the end of October on a Sunday, for day 1 and on a Monday or Tuesday for day 2 (subject to facilities availability). Please register for the tryouts using the Registration tab.  Players should make every effort to attend both tryout sessions. A player may not be placed on a MetroWest team if he/she cannot make at least one session. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the WYB Board if, for example, there are not enough qualified players at tryouts to make a team of 8 players and the player has played MetroWest team basketball in the past. Missing one tryout session may be reason to exclude a player from a team. This determination will be made at the discretion of the WYB Board. Mitigating circumstance that may be considered by the Board include whether the MetroWest commissioner was notified in advance of the pending absence and whether the reason for the absence was either medically related, due to a religious conflict or a conflict with a previously scheduled athletic game (not a practice) that the player participates in during the fall season. Players MUST notify WYB if they won't be attending either day.
  2. Evaluators are expected to consist of: Wayland Youth Basketball community members selected by the Board and one paid evaluator. Several of the evaluators will attend both tryout sessions for a given team.
  3. Coaches may not serve as evaluators for their own teams. Coaches may attend the tryout. They cannot participate in the drills or coach the players.
  4. Those parents interested in coaching a team should contact the respective commissioners for the boys and girls programs.

Team Formation

  1. Evaluators will present a list of the player rankings to the league commissioner immediately following the last tryout. The evaluators will classify the players into three categories: clearly demonstrates ability to play MetroWest in the division the team will be placed, on the bubble, needs to develop additional skills to play MetroWest. The list should also specify a potential position (guard or post) for each player. The evaluators may also provide any additional comments regarding players that they feel would be helpful in forming the team. The coach may also present his/her recommendations to the league commissioner that same evening.
  2. Team selection will be made by MetroWest League Commissioners and members of the Wayland Youth Basketball Board.
  3. Selection must be completed within ten days of the last tryout.
  4. Teams are expected to consist of 8-11 players. In the event that there are enough players of sufficient capability to field two teams, the Board will consider doing so.


  1. Notification of selection (or non-selection) will be made by the Boys or Girls MetroWest Commissioner no later than ten days after the last tryout. Our goal is to have team selections posted on this website on the Friday following tryouts. 
  2. Coaches are welcome to contact the players on their team by phone or email once the rosters have been published.

Playing on a MetroWest Team vs. Playing on a Tri-Town Team

  1. Metrowest requires a significant greater commitment of time, both for practices (twice a week vs. once for Tri-Town) and games.   Games can be up to an hour away.    Also, unlike Tri-Town, playing time is not guaranteed to be even for all players on a Metrowest team.    
  2. If a player registers for MetroWest and tries out but does not make a team, the player may then register for the Tri-Town League. Once the player has been notified that he or she has not made the MetroWest team, we will issue a refund.  The player must re-register on the WYB website for Tri-Town and pay the full Tri-Town registration fee. The player will then need to attend the Tri-Town evaluations to ensure appropriate placement on a team.