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Welcome to Wayland Youth Basketball Association

Wayland Youth Basketball (WYB) is an organization that provides programs for girls and boys in Kindergarten through grade 8.


WYB's programs include the K-2 program & participation in the following 3 leagues:


1. MetroWest Basketball: A more competitive travel league in which we compete with a number of other towns in the greater MetroWest area.  We currently field boys' teams in grades 4 through 8 and girls' teams in grades 5 through 8. Teams typically practice twice a week with games on Sundays.

2. The Tri-Town Youth Basketball LeagueA recreational league formed with the towns of Wayland, Weston, and Lincoln for girls in grades 3 through 4 and boys in grades 3 through 8. Teams practice once a week with games on Saturdays.   

3. The Sudbury Youth Basketball League: A recreational league run by the town of Sudbury.  Last year, Wayland fielded teams for girls in grades 5-6 and 7-8.   We hope to do the same this year.  Teams practice once a week with games on the weekend, Saturdays from grades 5-6 and Sundays from grades 7-8.

In addition, WYB also has a Saturday Morning K-2 Program  for kids in Kindergarten through 2nd grade to get them started in basketball. The focus of this program is to have fun while teaching kids some of the fundamentals of basketball.

Participation in the MetroWest League is open to all children who live in Wayland and to METCO students attending Wayland Schools. In the Tri-Town League and the K-2 Program, children who do not live in Wayland but attend Wayland schools (even if not part of the METCO program) are also eligible to participate.

This winter, WYB will once again be taking a group to a Boston Celtics game where a group of kids will get selected to participate in special Celtic events.   Last year WYB players got to play in a pre-game scrimmage.  Watch for details on this exciting event!

For more information on any of these WYB programs click on the tabs at the left.